R21 AI129479 (Role: Co-I)
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease
Development of a nonhuman primate model of fetal Zika virus infection and disease
11/16 through 10/18


P01 AG016765-15S1 (Role: Co-I)
National Institute of Aging
Estrogen and the Aging Brain


California National Primate Research Center Pilot Program (Role: Co-I)
Development of a Nonhuman Primate Model of Zika Virus Infection


R21 HD086356 from the National Institute for Child Health and Development (Role: PI)
National Institute of Child Health and Development
Individual Differences in Early Autonomic Nervous System Activity
12/16 through 11/18


R01 GM114017 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (Role: Co-I)
Determining the Dynamic Influence of Social Networks on Development and Health Trajectories
7/15 through 6/20


National Science Foundation (Role: Co-I)
Drivers and Mechanisms Underlying Human-Macaque Coupled Systems Across a Socio-Cultural Gradient
7/15 through 6/20


K99 MH10138 from the National Institute of Mental Health (Role: PI)
Neural Networks Supporting Social and Emotional Behavior
9/13 through 8/15 (NCE through 8/16)



F32 MH087067 from the National Institute of Mental Health (Role: PI)
The Anterior Cingulate Cortex’s Role in Normal Socioemotional Behavior
7/11 through 8/13


Our research was also supported by funding from the Office of the Director of the National Institute of Health awarded to the California National Primate Research Center: Grant OD011107.  Pilot funding: 4/14 through 4/15, $20,311.  Start-up resources beginning 01/16, $160,000.